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See my Dataverse for replication datasets and code, survey questionnaires, sampling instructions, consent scripts, maps, and other materials and data related to my field research.


BIBTEX style file for APSR:

Bibliography style file apsr_fsb.bst provides fixes for some minor formatting inconsistencies between current requirements for the American Political Science Review and the style file apsr.bst distributed with the harvard LaTeX package. This includes fixes by Michael P. Fix, Susanne Schorpp, and myself, such as the following:

  • A comma is now placed before the word "and" when it separates author names in the bibliography;
  • A comma is placed before the word "and" when it separates author names for in-text citations with more than two authors;
  • A space is added between journal volume and issue, and colon and page numbers;
  • For BIBTEX item incollection, the chapter title is now quoted;

Getting started:

Two introductions I like are available here and here. I also like this cheat sheet. Detexify and the comprehensive symbol list are amazing resources. Here are some basic LATEX example files to get started.


First differences for multinomial probit models:

The Stata program -qi- (as in quantity of interest) uses simulations to compute marginal effects (specifically, first differences), similar to Clarify. This routine complements Clarify in two ways: Most importantly, it estimates first differences after multinomial probit estimation, which Clarify does not support. Secondly, it writes output directly to a csv-file, for easy post-processing (for example in R). The program is called with a single post-estimation command.

This program was used to estimate marginal effects for multinomial probit models in Macartan Humphreys and Jeremy M. Weinstein, "Who Fights? The Determinants of Participation in Civil War", American Journal of Political Science, 52(2), April 2008, 436-455.

Please read the header of the ado-file for additional information and syntax. Currently, -qi- will work after logit, mlogit, and mprobit. The program is not yet properly packaged, and it is computationally inefficient, so Clarify is preferred when it meets your needs. The function requires that the package -erepost- is installed if -qi- is used after -mprobit-.

To install, download qi.ado into your appropriate Stata ado-directory. Here is a simple usage example (read the header of the file for more):

mprobit y x z
qi using out.csv, q(x 0 1) replace


Multilevel models:

Example code for an MCMC implementation and diagnostic plots for normally distributed multilevel data using a Gibbs sampler.

Game theory:

Some code for exploring and solving games numerically. This includes example code to:

  • Plot utility functions, Euclidean preferences, and best response functions,
  • Perform iterated elimination of strategies,
  • Model a simple dynamic process,
  • Find a stochastically stable state,
  • Numerically search for counterexamples,
  • Generate random draws from an arbitrary (bounded) distribution.


Maps from Nigeria:

A detailed, georeferenced administrative map of Nigeria from 2000 is available here, in four parts, as well as a shapefile for Nigerian local government areas (LGAs) based on these scans.

LGA boundaries are also available from Nigeria Congress Online, a now-defunct web site containing extensive information on local and national Nigerian governance. Changes and discrepancies between the shapefile provided above and Nigeria Congress Online are listed in this document.

Also available are official 2008 maps of electoral wards and polling stations for Kaduna state. Each map contains one LGA. For relevant election returns and other data, see the list here.