Research in our lab utilizes expertise in organic chemistry to develop synthetic inhibitors of protein-protein and protein-nucleic acids interactions. These interactions are difficult targets for typical small molecule ligands. We are using a rational design approach to prepare synthetic scaffolds that will potentially offer highly specific reagents for biological studies.

Proteins often utilize small folded domains for recognition of other biomolecules. The basic hypothesis guiding our research is that by mimicking these folded domains we can modulate the function of a particular protein with metabolically stable synthetic molecules. Our strategy for developing structured peptidic and nonpeptidic oligomers that display protein-like functionality is outlined on the Research page and in our publications.

We thank the following funding agencies for generous support of our research:

• New York University
• American Chemical Society (PRF)
• NYSTAR (Watson Investigator Award)
• National Institutes of Health (NIGMS and NHLBI)
• National Science Foundation (CHE)
• Research Corporation (Cottrell Scholar Award)