AMIA     at NYU


Mission Statement

        The Association of Moving Image Archivists’ student chapter at New York University, based in the Moving Image Archiving and Preservation (MIAP) Program at the Tisch School of the Arts, joins an emerging dialogue with professionals, scholars, students, and other enthusiasts called together to address the most urgent issues of conservation, preservation, and access in the field.

        AMIA’s student chapter at NYU strives to promote a public awareness of the need for action in our field and does so by organizing year-round events, symposiums, screenings, and other engaging programs. We believe the catalysts for progress are education and action; the student chapter will offer on-going educational panels and programs to provide training and guidance to students, professionals, and the public. AMIA’s student chapter at NYU also encourages a dialogue with other fields that will enrich our understanding of the moving image and its unique challenges.

  1. introduce and integrate new archivists into the archival profession.

  2. enhance formal education by providing a forum for the discussion of archival issues and engaging students in professional activities.

  3. explain the importance and value of being part of the professional community.

  4. acquaint members with the objectives, ethics, and publications of AMIA.

  5. encourage membership in AMIA.

  6. develop and encourage interaction with other student groups to promote mutual interests in the library, information, and records professions; and

  7. introduce students interested in archives to professionals working in the field and archival institutions.

About Student Chapters

According to the Association for Moving Image Archivists, the purpose of the Student Chapter Program is to:

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