Early Book Society Texts and Transitions series: Studies in the History of MSS and Printed Books

Based on the ideals and aims of the Early Book Society, this series publishes monographs dealing with late medieval manuscripts and early printed books to about 1550, particularly those that explore the transition from manuscript to print and questions to do with readers and literacy, owners and patronage, the dissemination of texts, and the reception of medieval texts. A "text" may be either a word or an image, where a picture serves also as a text that can be read and interpreted. The focus is mainly on manuscripts and books produced in England or for the English market, and closely related French and Continental works. Books that are encouraged include monographs of about 250 - 300 pages, collections of previously published essays by one author (updated and revised), or in some cases essay collections with a clearly unified theme or one main subject. It is anticipated that most of the monographs to be published will include illustrations. Pictures will be reproduced in black and white, though color illustrations may be included in special cases. Authors are responsible for purchasing photographs and securing the permissions to reproduce them.

The organizers and general editors of the series are Martha Driver (Pace University, NY) and Derek Pearsall (Harvard University, emeritus). They have the help of an advisory board whom they consult about proposed volumes and working practice. The board comprises scholars expert in the various fields of late medieval and early modern literature and culture and in the history of manuscripts and books. The members of the board are Julia Boffey (Queen Mary, University of London), Jennifer Britnell (University of Durham), Ardis Butterfield (University College, London), Philippa Hardman (University of Reading), Dieter Mehl (University of Bonn), Alastair Minnis (Yale University), Oliver Pickering (Brotherton Library, Leeds), John Scattergood (Trinity College, Dublin), and John Thompson (Queen's University, Belfast).

Inquiries about MS submissions may be addressed to Martha Driver or Derek Pearsall or to Simon Forde at Brepols.

Books published in the series so far:
J. Taylor, The Making of Poetry: Late-Medieval French Poetic Anthologies, 2007.

R. L. Schoff, Reformations: Three Medieval Authors in Manuscript and Movable Type, 2008.

M. Arn, The Poet's Notebook: The Personal Manuscript of Charles d'Orléans (Paris, BnF MS fr. 25458), 2008.

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