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2013 Global Colloquium of University Presidents

Colloquium Overview

On March 13-14, the presidents and faculty experts of 26 international universities will come together to discuss one of the pressing challenges of our time: global public health.

The conference is sponsored by the presidents of New York University, Columbia University, Princeton University, the University of Pennsylvania, and Yale University.

In setting the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in 2000, the UN set out an ambitious 15-year agenda to help address the world's most pressing challenges. As the goals have a target date of 2015, it is an opportune time to revisit them, assess progress and most importantly, begin to lay the foundation for post-2015. To that end, this year's colloquium focuses on a topic that underlies many of the existing goals, and that is global public health. The participants will seek to look at the existing MDGs through the lens of what progress has been made in improving the health of the world and where must we go from here.

The agenda is structured around two central questions in the hope of generating useful discussion and candid advice that will assist the Secretary-General and the United Nations as they move forward in forging the next set of MDGs. The first question is what place should public health have in the post-2015 Development Framework? And what should the main public health goals be?

The second, and related, question is what role can and should universities play in advancing global health goals? As centers of education and research and discovery, and as places that train public health practitioners, how can universities contribute to improving the state of the world's health, along any number of indices from alleviating poverty to improving education to combatting disease to focusing on women and children's health.

This year’s colloquium is planned in partnership with the NYU Global Institute of Public Health, a university-wide endeavor supporting innovative, interdisciplinary public health education and collaborative research worldwide.

Participation in the colloquium is by invitation only, and sessions are not open to the public. After the colloquium's conclusion, a final report will be issued and made available on this website.

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