Students visit an open air market and browse fresh fruits and vegetables.


You will see Street vendors all over Prague. The ones on Charles Bridge are particularly well known. Even if you do not plan to buy anything, check out the stands. The vendors and their goods are an integral part of the feel and atmosphere of Prague.

Please note that buying from people on the street is NOT recommended. A lot of the merchandise is illegal and overpriced. This is different than vendors in established markets.

Retail Shopping Areas

Convenience Stores



Hockey and Soccer

Fans are on a different level of enthusiasm in Europe! You must go to at least one sporting event to see for yourself!

Bobova Draha

An outdoor bobsledding track located at Prosecka 34b in Praha 9.

Directions: Take the yellow metro line to Palmovka then walk to the bus platform and take either the 187 or 233.

Bring your ISIC card for discounts. There is a restaurant there and the views of the city from the top of the track are breathtaking.


Extreme sports and music event held at Zlute Lazne in Podoli in September. Competitions in breakdancing, wakeboarding, surfing, beach rugby, bmx biking, and much more. Live bands played all day.