The beauty

The bewitching city of Prague, magical and haunting, medieval yet modern is renowned for its beauty.  Located on the Vltava River, Prague is a remarkably preserved city, and its thousand years of architectural and artistic history are reflected in its stone facades and cobblestone streets.

The arts

It's a city where the arts thrive, with of the most creative and active cultural scenes in Europe. Despite its small size, there is an incredible range of high quality arts events.  It is impossible to take in all of Prague's festivals, galleries, museums, film screenings, concerts - but, unlike in so many cities, the cost of tickets is very low and much is free. 

The architecture

Prague is an art history major's paradise.  Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Art Deco buildings stand next to each other cheek by jowl - and many buildings have been refurbished over the centuries, containing elements of multiple styles.   

It's so green!

There are countless parks with stunning views and outdoor restaurants.   The public transportation is perhaps the best in the world - clean, affordable, efficient.  The city is small, so you can also walk to most places, discovering the legacy of three distinct cultures that have inhabited Prague—Czech, German, and Jewish.

The history

The many tragedies of Czech history loom over  the city, most notably the oppressive Communist regime, toppled by student revolutionaries in 1989.  Many of the leaders of that revolution now teach for NYU Prague and share their stories of dissent with the students.

The countryside

The small size of the country make it easy to explore the bucolic Czech countryside and fairy tale towns outside the capital.  Students can explore them with NYU staff on our many free weekend excursions.

Read about the city of Prague through the eyes of our students here.



Transit Tips

Prague's public transportation was recently ranked 5th best in the world.  An integrated tram, metro, bus and train system takes you anywhere you need to go in the city at very affordable prices.   A  3-month pass  costs around 1480Kc ($88) and works on metro, trams, and buses.


  • Fastest form of transport
  • Easy to learn and convenient
  • Trains stop running at 12am


  • Easy to navigate
  • Fun way to go sightseeing around the city
  • Trams run all night on an abridged night schedule


  • Call one when you need it. NYU center has phone numbers for trusted cab companies
  • Before you get in the cab, ask how much it will cost to reach your destination and keep your eye on the meter