While traditional Czech food is heavy and meat-based, there are hundreds of options in Prague and new restaurants are opening all the time.  Farmers' markets can be found all over the city as a new foodie generation emerges, and prices are much cheaper than in NYC.   

Read about the vegan and vegetarian options that our students have discovered, as well as their favorite bistros and cafes.  You can find cuisine from all over the world in Prague to supplement your traditional Czech pork and dumplings

Read reviews of students' favorite culinary haunts on the NYU Prague Now! blog.

Eating out in Prague

Food in Prague

Menu Help

Polévka - Soup  

Hlavni Chod - Main course 

Maso - Meat

Ryba - Fish 

Kuře - Chicken

Hovĕzi - Beef 

Vepřové - Pork 

Bramborak - Potato pancake 

Guláš - Traditional beef stew 

Knedliky - Wheat/Potato dumpling 

Smažený sýr - Fried cheese 

Pivo - Beer (*Svĕtlé – light; Černé – dark) 

Vino - Wine

Voda - Water 

Soda means soda water/seltzer so if you want coke or sprite say “coke” or “sprite”