Prague: Center of Europe

Students have many opportunities to get to know European culture in Prague- and each other.  Trip around the region, cultural events, internships, conferences, plus our RAs and Student Council organize dorm events and parties.  Read more below and also on our student blog, NYU Prague Now!

NYU Prague Excursions

Every semester, NYU Prague staff organizes over 15  trips to some of the Czech Republic's most famous destinations.... and to hidden jewels that only locals know about.  Winners of the orientation essay contest get a weekend trip to Berlin.  And they are FREE!


Cultural Immersion

Want to learn more about the local culture?  Students can spend a weekend with a Czech family, volunteer with Czech university students, and visit Czech high schools on our  Cultural Immersion Trips.  Or internships and volunteering are a great way to get to know the locals.  Our "Kulturama" program offers students a semester of opera, sports, theatre, music, film, politics, cooking, and much more.  You can join the NYU Prague Now! student blog editorial team or the Prageuecast Podcast and provide audiences with your unique take on being a student in Prague.


NYU Prague offers weekly yoga and mindfulness classes on campus.  Students can participate in workshops organized by our on-site counselor, as well as participate in wellness events organized by RAs.