Welcome to NYU Prague! We’re delighted that you’ll be spending a semester or year with us and can’t wait to greet you in Prague. In the meantime, this page will guide you through everything you need to get ready for your experience abroad. 


NYU Students: Attending a Pre-Departure Orientation is required for all students. At the PDO, you will learn about courses, student life, excursions, and much more. 

Visiting Students: If you’re nearby and able to attend any on-campus events, we’d love to have you. However, we’re also committed to making sure that those of you who don’t live near New York City are kept in the loop. Here are a few ways we ensure that you’re just as well-informed as NYU students:

  1. We will send you regular e-mails with comprehensive “what to do” lists and details and post information about the pre-departure process to the site specific blogs.
  2. Our staff is always available to provide prompt assistance to any questions you have by e-mail or phone.
  3. We can put you in contact with students who attend our programs so that you can get inside information on what to expect. To speak with a former student from your program, please e-mail global.ambassadors@nyu.edu.

For a full schedule of Pre-departure Orientations please see the Admitted Students blog.

Packing Tips

  • Bring any brand name items you rely on
  • Save room for souveniers
  • More about Getting There