NYU music facilities consist of classrooms at the academic center, Osadní dormitory and Slezská dormitory. There are three rooms with grand pianos, 3 rooms with upright pianos, 3 rooms with keyboards, and a small recording studio with a keyboard and piano. Additionally the Osadní basement practice room has drums, amps, an upright bass, guitars, a bass etc.


Osadni basement equipment


Drums - 3 sets – Basix, Premier, Evans


Rolland Keyboard

Bass combos

Hartke VX210 + Amp - Hartke H11400

Phil Jones Bass Neopower

Behringer BT 108

Guitar combos

Laney CK 165

Laney TT20

Fender Deville



Mixer - Behringer


Tempo click TAMA

Upright Bass

Electric Bass and Electric Guitar


Studio Equipment


Allen Heath ZED-10

Focusrite Scarllett 2i2

Speakers Genelec 8020 - 2x

Speakers M-Audio BX5 D2 – 2x

Lacie d2 1TB USB3

Behringer C-2 microphones – 1 pair

Behringer C-1 microphone

Shure Beta 58A

Shure Beta 57A

Rode NT5 microphones – 1 pair

M-Audio Sony 89 keyboard

ProFire 2626 card

Korg Keyboard

Playel piano