Student Life at NYU Paris

Student Life at NYU Paris is about supporting you during your whole Parisian experience. Our dedicated team is here for you, right from welcome week, to guide you through all practical aspects outside of the classroom (getting around, understanding local culture, making an appointment with the doctor, housing…) and more!

Each semester we prepare a diverse cultural program with on and off-site activities (theater, ballet, trips, tastings, themed weeks, and celebrations) to which you can sign up at no additional cost. Once a week you will also receive a newsletter with important things to know and with tips and recommendations on exhibitions, movies, concerts.

With the help of dedicated peer mentors, we work on building community in the NYU Paris residence halls and for students who choose to live in a homestay.

NYU Paris Sponsored Activities

Students in the NYU Paris program have access to some of the finest museums, galleries, theatres, and architectural monuments in the world. Our program features a wide variety of cultural activities that give students an extraordinary opportunity to enhance their experience abroad. All activities are covered in the cost of tuition and include day trips, special events such as cheese and macarons tastings, film screenings, outings to theatre, ballet, and opera, escape rooms, walking tours... NYU Paris also organizes theater and music performances, as well as special art exhibitions to showcase the talent of its community. Unless required for a course, all activities are optional.