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Courses - Fall 2017

Please note that all course offerings are subject to change. Changes in faculty availability and student enrollment can occasionally result in course cancellations.  

Click on a course name to see a course description and a sample syllabus from a past semester. (Current syllabi may differ.) For sample syllabi or academic questions, please email

Use the Global Study Planner to explore course options at other locations based on a particular subject area.

Fall courses with days and times become available in Albert, NYU's Student Information System in mid March. Directions on how to view Study Away courses in Albert, and other Registration FAQs can be found here.

Courses open to Students in Program I & II

Courses open to students in Programs I & II including Music and Performance Arts courses and Internship Seminar and Fieldwork can be found here.

Program I - English Track

French Language


Art and Art Professions

Art History

College Core Curriculum

European and Mediterranean Studies





Media, Culture, and Communication



Program II - French Track

French Language

Africana Studies

Art History

Dramatic Literature




Courses open to Students in Program I & II

French and French Language

Art and Art Professions



Liberal Studies

Music and Performing Arts

Required course for all Steinhardt Music Majors

Courses open to All Students that meet listed pre-requisites

Courses open to Steinhardt Music Majors only

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available only to Steinhardt performance majors for whom lessons are required. Students may register for only one private lesson per semester.


Studying at University of Paris

Students interested in enriching their immersion experience in Paris should strongly consider taking a course, in either English or French, at one of the University of Paris/Sorbonne campuses with which NYU has a partnership agreement. These include the University of Paris I, III, VII, & X.

Course offerings at the University of Paris
Courses at the University of Paris are offered in both English and French.

Courses offered in English are offered in the Departments of Anglo-American studies. These are primarily courses in the literature and civilization of the Anglophone world (the US, British Commonwealth countries, etc.).

Only students who have successfully completed or are enrolled in Written Contemporary French at NYU Paris may take a course in French at the University of Paris.  Students receive additional assistance for their University of Paris courses through individualized tutorial sessions at NYU Paris. Courses offered in French are usually selected from the following departments:

  • Art History
  • Cinema
  • French and Comparative Literature
  • History
  • Political Science
  • Sociology/Anthropology
  • Studio Art

Procedures for University of Paris Enrollment

In order to take a course at the University of Paris you must be administratively enrolled at that university. You will be asked to choose in which university you want to administratively enroll when you fill out your University of Paris Preference Form from the Office of Global Services.  

Be sure to take the time to look through the course offerings below in order to make the choice that best fits your academic interests.  Please note that the course offerings listed here are for reference only and are subject to change.

To receive more information about the University of Paris procedures, please consult the University of Paris and Sciences Po Webinar.

Courses in English at the University of Paris VII-Denis Diderot

Courses in French at the Universities of Paris I, III, VII

Pre-requisite: “Written Contemporary French” must be completed or in progress in Paris in order for students to take courses in French at the University of Paris.

Institut d’Etudes Politiques (Sciences Po)

Interested in taking a class at Sciences Po?

Prerequisite: Pre-requisite: “Written Contemporary French” must be completed or in progress in Paris in order for students to take courses in French at Sciences Po.

NYU Paris students with advanced French language skills may attend one lecture course in French at the prestigious Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris, more commonly known as Sciences Po.  Students wishing to enroll at Sciences Po in Fall 2018 must first submit the following documents to by Friday, April 6, 2018:

  • transcripts of records of the first two years of university;
  • CV in English or French;
  • Motivation letter IN FRENCH, stating your motivation for studying at Sciences Po
  • a passport sized photo
  • Include your year, major, French level (current or most recently completed French language course), and GPA.  

Upon successful review of their application, students will be invited to submit the same documents to Sciences Po. Application materials for Sciences Po are due by May 2, 2018 at the latest.

Please note that NYU Paris students are not necessarily guaranteed a spot at Sciences Po, so it is in students' best interest to submit a strong application.

Students will receive notification of their admission to Sciences Po in late May 2018. They will be able to select their courses use the Sciences Po online student portal from July 9-13

It is expected that most students will take only one course per semester at Sciences Po; students wishing to take more than one course must submit a petition to Students may take a course in English only in exceptional circumstances and upon approval by NYU Paris. A selection of past lecture course offerings is listed below for reference.

Students are provided assistance for their Sciences Po courses through individualized tutoring sessions at NYU Paris.

Please note: students wishing to attend a course at Sciences Po must also be registered at the University of Paris. 

Dates and deadlines -- Sciences Po

March         Webinar for all prospective NYU Paris students interested in
                 taking a course or courses at the University of Paris (UP)
                 and/or Sciences Po.

April 11        Students interested in studying at Sciences Po submit their
                   preliminary application to NYU Paris Academics.

April 20        Students receive notification of their pre-selection for  
                  Sciences Po.  Pre-selected students will then be invited to
                  apply to Sciences Po; others may pursue the UP option if they
                  so choose (see above).

April 26        Application to Sciences Po due for pre-selected students only.

May             Students receive notification of their admission to Sciences Po
                  and are invited to sign-up for their Sciences Po classes.

Early July      Students register for Sciences Po courses via the Sciences
                   Po portal.

We’re here to help! Stay tuned for more information about the University of Paris/Sciences Po information webinar to be held in March 2017.

Online Courses available to Study Away Students

Students are encouraged to consider complementing their local course load by enrolling in an online course. Some of NYU's online course opportunities are highlighted below. Please keep in mind that you must also be enrolled in at least 12 credits of courses at your study away site, and that online course commitments should not interfere with your attendance in local classes and required program activities (including orientation).