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Studying at NYU Paris

Paris: city of revolution, exhilarating tumult of art and spectacle, cosmopolitan crossroads, capital of the world. French romanticist George Sand thought Parisians were “the most admirable people in the universe – grand, sublime, naïve, and generous.” Students who come to Paris join a long line of visitors to the city who contribute to its fervent mix—its arts, its history, its politics—and make the city their own. “Paris is a veritable ocean,” Balzac wrote. “Discover it, describe it…” At NYU Paris, the city is your classroom.

Students at NYU Paris choose from an array of courses in the arts, humanities and social sciences designed to enhance their exploration of the city of Paris, one of great cosmopolitan capitals of the world. Beginning in 2018-2019, courses are also available in Computer Science and Mathematics.

Courses at NYU Paris are offered in both English and French. All students take a French language course appropriate to their level, and students with advanced French skills are encouraged to take additional courses in French.

Coursework is enhanced by faculty-led trips in and around Paris, to world-renowned museums such as the Louvre and the Musée Picasso or to smaller galleries and exhibits, as well as to the opera, ballet, and theatre. Students receive a University of Paris student card and may take courses at the University of Paris or at the Institut d’Études Politiques (Sciences Po). All students are carefully advised upon their arrival in Paris; students who opt to take courses in the French university system receive additional individualized in-house tutorial assistance.

State-of-the-art academic center in the heart of the Latin Quarter!

Located in the Latin Quarter, the thriving historic and intellectual heart of Paris, NYU Paris is in close proximity to numerous cultural, artistic, and academic institutions. Students get to know the city through faculty-led visits and walking tours, and to explore regions beyond Paris through day trips to places as Chantilly, Giverny, and Versailles, and weekend excursions to locations such as Avignon, the Loire Valley, Mont-Saint-Michel, and La Rochelle. These trips allow students to further embrace the richness, depth, and diversity of French history and civilization.

Partnerships & Affiliations

The following NYU departments are key contributors to the NYU Paris curriculum. Partnerships indicate departments with a significant curricular stake. Affiliations indicate the offering or development of at least one course. 


Faculty of Arts & Science
    Art History
    Creative Writing
    French Literature, Thought and Culture
    Institute of French Studies

Liberal Studies

Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences



    Media, Culture, and Communication
    Music and Performing Arts Professions


Faculty of Arts and Science
   College Core Curriculum
   Comparative Literature
   Dramatic Literature
   European and Mediterranean Studies
    Literary Journalism
    Social and Cultural Analysis

NYU Tandon School of Engineering

Social Work

    Teaching and Learning


Fast Fact

Academic Calendar: Fall/Spring/Summer/Full Year

Credits: 12 to 18 NYU credits

Faculty & Staff: Mix of 35 instructors and administrative staff 

Course Language: French & English

Affiliated Institutions: University of Paris

Student Body: 150 - 200 Upperclassmen, 60 freshmen

Housing: Student residences, homestays, shared furnished apartments

Currency: Euro

Population of Paris: 2.2 million

Official Language: French