Editors Notes

So much of the research undertaken for editions never appears in the printed volume, though the gathering of it informs the annotation in the volumes. From 2012-2014, the Margaret Sanger Papers Project joined a collaborative effort, known as http://editorsnotes.org/>Editors' Notes, to investigate taking notes and conducting research in an open-source web-based tool. The idea is that research conducted by scholarly editors, archivists, and librarians could be shared, both with each other and with the public. The Editors' Notes project is headed by Michael Buckland (University of California, Berkeley), assisted by Ryan Shaw (University of North Carolina) and Patrick Golden (University of North Carolina).

The Sanger Papers editors included research on Sanger's work in India, including summaries of documents and secondary sources, and materials from 1914, which was more likely to overlap in content with materials from the other participating projects. For the Sanger Project page, see To see the notes and documents on Editors' Notes, CLICK HERE

Among the other projects working with Editors' Notes are: The Elizabeth Cady Stanton & Susan B. Anthony Papers, the Labadie Collection, and the Emma Goldman Papers Project.

For more on Editors' Notes, see:

  • Editors' Notes as a Genre by by Ryan Shaw, Patrick Golden, and Michael Buckland, 2015.
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