Careers of the Future

By the time many of todays K-12 students enter the workforce, career opportunities will have radically changed. Most if not all of the 100,000 genes in the Human Genome will have been sequenced and many of their structures determined. With this information will come the ability to design new and more potent drugs against diseases such as cancer, AIDS, and arthritis. We have already begun to see development of new drugs designed with the assistance of molecular modeling techniques. In addition to drugs, molecular modeling has the potential to bring a vast array of new materials to the market. For example, the discovery of fullerenes, superconducting cuprates and other complex inorganic compounds are expected to produce new materials in the optics, ceramics, semiconductor and biomaterials markets. In addition, recent structural determination of vital photosynthetic proteins will provide scientists with valuable information which can lead to artificial photosynthesis. All of the above advances will provide a vast number of career opportunties for students who are properly prepared.

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