Figure 7.1 in various formats.

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The following picture, Figure 7.1 from Natural Language Computing, gets progressively bigger. I would appreciate an e-mail letter indicating which size you think is the best for viewing on your terminal. Please indicate (if you can) your screen size in inches, pixel resolution, computer type (IBM, MAC, SUN, etc.); which browser (netscape, mosaic, etc.) you are using; and which viewer program (browser, speedstar, etc.) you are using.

The pictures are in odd sizes because there is a complex relationship between the diagonal inches, the number of pixels, the compression algorithm, and the size of the files. In other words, all pictures from this source must be one of these sizes.

Here are some comments I have received so far:

  1. I took a quick look at your site. I only have lynx at home at this point, so I missed most of it with no SLIP/PPP connection. Any chance of an ascii version of the diagrams? Most of the net still does not have slip access, as far as I know, so it might make the work more physically accessible to have a text-only version available.
  2. Figure 7 looked the best on my screen. I was using Netscape on an IBM pc with the resolution set at 1024x768 w/286 colors. It could be enhanced with photoshop and interleaved though. (Both can be done on Macs in the education building.)
  3. I'm running netscape (with the color dithering option)on an SGI Indy 20" monitor (8 bits/pel). Fig. 7 is starting to get hard to read. I'd go with Figure 8. Which jpeg code are you using?
  4. I use Netscape on an HP 712/80 with a color monitor. I found good resolution down to about figure size 8. Even that size is a little too small unless the background clutter could be cleaned up a little -- perhaps with a high pass filter.
  5. Ok, so I have an NCD monochrome X terminal, used netscape, 20" monitor, 100X100 dots per inch, and ... figure size 12 was best; 10.5 was okay; size 9 fit on the page but was quite hard to read. I liked the NY city landscape on your homepage & will zoom around a bit more soon.

Figure Size 4

Figure Size 5

Figure Size 6

Figure Size 7

Figure Size 8

Figure Size 9

Figure Size 10.5

Figure Size 12

Figure Size 17