Natural Language Computing Downloads

Downloading the Files for
Natural Language Computing

Prof. Ray C. Dougherty
New York University | Linguistics Department

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The book: Natural Language Computing: An English Generative Grammar in Prolog contains an IBM compatible 3.5 inch disk containing a Prolog interpreters for IBM PC and Macintosh, plus all of the programs in the book. If you insert the disk into drive A: or B: and type A:INSTALL (or B:INSTALL), it automatically loads all of the Prolog materials into your computer so that you can run the programs discussed on these pages. The book is an introduction for people unfamiliar with lingustics, grammar, and symbolic processing languages.

If you feel confident in using decompression utilities, setting up your own directory structures, and installing the programs, then all of the materials on the disk are also available on this site for download via a modem.