HTML Gesellschaft mit Stammtisch

Meeting time and place (Sept-May)

Violet Cafe, Washington Square
Tuesday 12:00 - 1:10 PM.

Summer Schedule: Variable, inquire

Prof. Ray Dougherty ( meets weekly with interested students to work on the problems involved in developing the Linguistics Department WWW site. The main focus is always to develop pages to explicate the ideas about heuristics (abduction) and thought of Charles Sanders Peirce and the concepts of language and mind developed by Noam Chomsky. The goal of all meetings is to explore the potential of the web tools (built-ins, add-ons, graphics, animation, Java, HTML, and so on) to develop cutting edge presentations to clarify the ideas expressed on the pages: Universal Grammar in Prolog and Natural Language Computing.

Nothing is too outlandish to discuss at these meetings. Web pages of particular interest to us at recent meetings have been those with animation: bottom_up parser and top_down parser and those with some three dimensional pictures homepage of J. Porter. Students with lots of time can reverse engineer the code for pages like this one tic-tac-toe.

All are welcome to attend our informal lunches either as active participants demonstrating their systems or a passive observers. If your work is excellent, or if it is judged garrish and in poor taste, you will be so informed. These fact filled lunchtime sessions are an excellent place to ask questions about problems with HTML and web browsers in general.

Recent student work includes the encoding of these sites: The Cultural History of Computers, Robots, and Artificial Intelligence and Neo-Platonist Philosophical Readings .