Kim Soo-Ja (Korea)
Sewing into Walking, 1994
Used clothing, bed cover, TV monitor, c.c camera,
CD player, and video projector
approx. 1000 x 1000 cm.
Collection of the Artist (video tapes only)
Soo-Ja Kim was born in Taegu in 1957 and studied painting
at Hong-Ik University and lithography at École Nationale
Supérieure des Beaux-arts in Paris. She was an artist-in-
residence at P.S. 1 Museum in New York in 1992-93.
The use of wrapped and sewn cloth in her work provides
a connection between her life and that of her mother through
their shared humble dreams and hardship.

Kim Soo-Ja's Sewing Into Walking (1994) combines bundles
of cloth and video monitors with images of herself in a landscape,
creating a play of inside and outside spaces. Kim creates,
by the interaction of the bundles and the video, a metaphor
for the burdens of womanhood.