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November 30, 2004


43.3kaplin_fig01m.gif For the question of liveness discussion, in light of Making Music Zulu and our discussion, see:
1. Richard Schechner, "Restoration of Behavior," Between Theater and Anthropology (University of Pennsylvania Press, 1985).
2. Special issue of TDR 43, 3 (Fall 1999), which is dedicated to performing objects, seen on a continuum from physical things to animation and digital objects. See especially the essays by Steven Kaplin and Steve Tillis.
3. Jiri Veltrusky, "Man and Object in the Theater,"' in A Prague School Reader on Esthetics, Literary Structure and Style, ed. Paul Garvin (Washington: Georgetown University Press, 1964), pp 83-91. "...in theatre a lifeless object can be perceived as a performing subject, and a live human being may appear as an element completely without will."
4. Sofer, Andrew,"Introduction,"The Stage Life of Props (Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 2003). "...the power of stage objects to take on a life of their own in performance. Text-based scholars, who tend to dismiss objects as at best embodied symbols or at worst as plot devices, have largely neglected this phenomenon...the function of the stage property duplicates that of theater itself: to bring dead images back to life�but with a twist...A prop exists textually only in a state of suspended animation. It demands actual embodiment and motion on the stage in order to spring to imaginative life."
5. Margolies, Eleanor, "Were those Boots Made Just for Walking? Shoes as Performing Objects in Everyday Life and in the Theatre," Visual Communication 2, 3 (2003): 169-188.

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