Rethinking Boundaries: Transforming Methods and Approaches in Atlantic History


12:00-1:00pm – Registration at Ireland House

1:00-1:30pm – Welcome

Karen Ordahl Kupperman, Atlantic History Program, NYU

1:30-3:30pm – Panel 1: Methods and Reconsiderations

Chair: Noah Gelfand, NYU
Commentator: Nicole Eustace, NYU

Aaron Fogelman, Northern Illinois University, “The Atlantic World, 1492-1860s: Definition, Theory, and Boundaries”

Jose C. Moya, UCLA and Barnard College, “Massification, Modernity and the Transformation of the Atlantic World in the 19th Century”

Christine Folch, CUNY, “Fine Dining: Race in Pre-Revolution Cuban Cookbooks”

Noeleen McIlvenna, Wright State University, “Crossing Racial Boundaries in North Carolina”

3:30-4:00pm - Coffee Break

4:00-6:00pm – Panel 2: Reformulating Law

Chair: Kevin Arlyck, NYU
Commentator: Lauren Benton, NYU

Sue Peabody, Washington State University and Keila Grinberg, UNIRIO, “Free Soil: An Atlantic Legal Construct”

Linda Rupert, University of North Carolina, Greensboro, “Creolization and Contraband: Towards a New Human Geography of the Early Modern Caribbean and Atlantic”

Kristen M. Vogel, Texas A&M University, “Borderlands of Freedom: Colonial Legacies and Southern Slave Law in Early Nineteenth-Century Louisiana”

Michael Kimaid, Bowling Green State University, “ ‘Of Land Ordinances and Liberia:’ A Consideration of Geography as a Tool of Early American Expansion”

6:30-8:00pm – Reception and Dinner



8:00-9:00am – Coffee and Refreshments

 9:00-11:00am – Panel 3: Spatial Reconceptualizations

Chair: Aaron Slater, NYU
Commentator: Sinclair Thomson, NYU

Helena Nunes Duarte, University of Calgary, “From Mazagão to Mazagão: Defence and Settlement in the Captaincy of Grão Pará, 1755-1778”

Molly A. Warsh, Johns Hopkins University “Pearls and Power: Global Negotiations and the Early Modern Pearl Trade in the Sixteenth and S
Andrew Apter, UCLA, “History in the Dungeon: Ritual and Memory in Cape Coast Castle, Ghana”

Kariann A. Yokota, Yale University, “Trans-Oceanic Encounters en route to China: A Material Cultural Perspective”

11:00-11:15am – Coffee Break

11:15am-1:00pm – Panel 4: Power

Chair: Jerusha Westbury, New York University
Commentator: Jennifer Morgan, New York University

Marisa J. Fuentes, University of California, Berkeley, “Power and Historical Figuring: Rachael Pringle Polgreen’s Troubled Archive”

Heather Miyano Kopelson, University of Iowa/MCEAS, “ ‘Transgressing the Law of God & Man’: Regulating Sexual Intimacy in Seventeenth-Century Bermuda”

Jessica A. Krüg, University of Wisconsin, Madison, “Kromanti Ethnogenesis as Healing and the Deep Roots of Resistance”

TJ Desch Obi, CUNY, “Combat and Creolization”

1:00-2:00pm – Lunch

2:00-4:00pm – Panel 5: Rethinking Slavery and Its Legacy

Chair: Jorge Silva, NYU
Commentator: Fred Cooper, NYU

Dayo Nicole Mitchell, University of Oregon, “An Atlantic People: Free People of Color in the Caribbean”

Gary T. Van Cott, Tulane University, “Bananas and the American Atlantic, 1880-1945”

Ignacio Gallup-Diaz, Bryn Mawr College, “Spain's Early Modern Panama Frontier: Pacification, Rebellion, and Negotiation”

4:00-4:30pm – Coffee Break

4:30-5:30pm – Closing Roundtable

Chairs: Jenny Shaw, NYU, Christian A. Crouch, Bard College



Sponsored by the Atlantic History Workshop at NYU
The conference will be held in New York City, February 9 and 10, 2007 at Glucksman Ireland House.
For directions to Glucksman Ireland House CLICK HERE  
Questions about the conference should be directed to Jenny Shaw