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Sunday, March 30:

7:00pm  An Eye Opening Reception libations by Haghefilm Digitaal

8:00pm An Evening Film Concert
  • Greetings from Sandra den Hamer & Giovanna Fossati (EYE), Marijke de Valck (UvA), & Dan Streible (NYU)
  • Experimental film curator Simona Monizza introduces animated abstract films by Maarten Visser, with new music performed by composer Marcel Worms. Also premiering: commissioned scores by Ron Sadoff's NYU Film Scoring Program students Erica Jung, Aaron Kenny, Massimo Sammi, and Joseph Twist.
  • Silent film curator Elif Rongen-Kaynakçi presents the world premiere of EYE’s restoration of the feature film East Is West (1922), starring Constance Talmadge. Musical accompaniment by Stephen Horne.

  • Monday, March 31

    9:45am Orphans Orientation on Obsolescence
  • Outtakes of Josephine Baker Visit Volendam (Fox Movietone, 1928)
  • Giovanna Fossati Why the Future of Obsolescence?
  • Dan Streible (NYU) A New Look at an Old Sneeze: Edison Kinetoscopic Record of a Sneeze (W. K. L. Dickson, 1894)
  • Thomas Elsaesser (UvA) On Obsolescence

  • 11:30am Transmitting Archival Knowledge
  • Giovanna Fossati (EYE / UvA) Restoring the Colors of Early Cinema
  • Julia Noordegraaf (UvA) & Simona Monizza (EYE) Hacking the Bart Vegter Collection 
  • Eef Masson (UvA) moderates a roundtable with the speakers + Bill Brand (NYU MIAP), Snowden Becker (UCLA MIAS), & Martin Koerber (Deutsche Kinemathek)


    2pm Media Archaeology
  • Susan Aasman (U of Groningen) Staging the Amateur Dispositif, a performance with Andreas Fickers (U of Luxembourg), Tom Slootweg (U of Groningen), Tim van der Heijden & Jo Wachelder (U of Maastricht)
  • Monika Supruniuk (Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw) Kazimierz Prószyński and OKO: The first Polish amateur movie camera (1914)
  • Alexandra Schneider (UvA) Children as Media Archaeologists

  • 4:15pm Reassemblage
  • Matt Soar (Concordia U, Montreal) The Lost Leaders Project
  • Benedict Salazar Olgado (National Film Archives of the Philippines) & Bill Brand (BB Optics) Restoring the Fragments of On the Way to India Consciousness, I Reached China (Henry Francia, 1968)
  • Walter Forsberg & John Klacsmann (Anthology Film Archives) Technicolor NG (1967)


    8:15pm The Helen Hill Award for Independent Filmmaking
  • Bill Morrison premieres La Trochita (Narrow Gauge) (2014)
  • Doug Goodwin (Cal Arts) On Illusion, Magic, and Detour de Force (Rebecca Baron, 2014)
  • Becky Lewis (Columbia, South Carolina) and filmmaker Jodie Mack present the Helen Hill Award and Kodak prize to Werner Nekes
  • Start (Nekes, 1966) restored by Deutsche Kinemathek & EYE
  • Franziska Latell (Berlin U of the Arts) On Werner Nekes: Filmmaker and Collector
  • awardee Werner Nekes talks about Start + demonstrates his collection of optical devices

  • Tuesday, April 1

    9:45am Remarks (and Movies) for the Good of the Order

    10am New Research Networks for Obsolete Media
  • Mark G. Cooper (U of South Carolina) Metadata and the Future of the Humanities
  • Karen Cariani (WGBH Archive) Working with Scholars to Improve Access to Media Archives
  • Mark J. Williams (Dartmouth College) The Media Ecology Project: More and Better Scholarly Access to Historical Media
  • Scott Curtis (Northwestern U in Qatar) moderator

  • 11:45am Digital Decay and Remobilization
  • Bill Morrison introduces Egyptian (Whirling Dervishes) Dancers (Fox Movietone News, 1928)
  • Evan Meaney (U of South Carolina) de_ca/sia.py: Archival Encryption, Encoding, and Error as Narrative
  • Heidi Rae Cooley (U of South Carolina) Finding Augusta in a Digital World: The App. + Scott Nixon films [The Other Augustas] (195?)


    2pm When Workers Leave the Factory: Amateur Films in the Eastern Bloc
  • Chris Wahl (HFF Potsdam) "Grad the Camera, Pal!" The Film Studio of Ironworks Combine Eisenhüttenstadt
  • Ralf Forster (Filmmuseum Potsdam)Useful Humor and Releasing Laughter: Satirical Shorts in Amateur Cinema of the GDR
  • Jiří Horníček (Czech National Film Archive) Against the War and Totalitarian Power: Two Examples of Socio-Political Reflection in Amateur Animated Films
  • Maria Vinogradova (NYU) “Soviet Amateurs Are So Serious”
  • Katerina Loukopoulou (Panteion U, Athens) moderator

  • 4pm Transportation Technologies
  • May Haduong (Academy Film Archive) Aloha Wanderwell: To See the World by Car (1935-37)
  • Yvonne Zimmermann (Philipps-Universität Marburg) Hans Richter’s Die Eroberung des Himmels (Conquest of the Sky) (1938)
  • Reto Kromer (reto.ch) In-flight Entertainment: Kodak two-audio track film prints for airlines
  • Paul Spehr & Mark-Paul Meyer (EYE) Mutoscope and Biograph 68mm films (1897-1902)

  • 8pm Silent Night with music by Stephen Horne
  • Elif Rongen-Kaynakçi & Jeff Lambert (NFPF) Repatriation Report
  • Ned Thanhouser   introduces Clarence Cheats at Croquet (Thanhouser, 1915)
  • Ron Magliozzi & Peter Williamson (Museum of Modern Art, New York) present rediscovered rushes from the unreleased Darktown Troubles (Biograph, ca. 1914), starring Bert Williams
  • Jacqueline Stewart (U of Chicago) a segue to A Frontier Post (Fox Varieties, 1925) a day-in-the-life documentary about the “buffalo soldiers” of the U.S. Army’s 10th Cavalry.

  • Wednesday, April 2

    9:45am Gregorio Rocha (Archivia Films) A Note about the Mexican Revolution

    10am Detritus
  • Antonia Lant (NYU) on Teclópolis (Can Can Club, 2009)
  • Charles Musser (Yale U) on Industry’s Disinherited (Unions Films, 1949)
  • Grover Crisp (Sony Pictures Entertainment) How Death of a Salesman (1951) Became an Orphan Work
  • + the never-released Career of a Salesman
    (Columbia Pictures, 1951)

    FORWARD: The EU Directive for a Registry of Audiovisual Orphan Works
  • Nicola Mazzanti (Cinémathèque Royale de Belgique), Géraldine Vooren (EYE legal counsel), & Thomas Christensen (ACE / Danish Film Institute), Howard Besser (NYU)

  • 12:00pm Restorations
  • Rob Byrne (San Francisco Silent Film Festival) Not Gone but Definitely Forgotten: Resurrecting The Last Edition (1925)
  • Martin Koerber (Deutsche Kinemathek) & Andrea Krämer (Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft, Berlin) Digital Restoration of 1930s Gasparcolor Films
  • Gary Rhodes (Queen's U Belfast)


    2:15pm Archivos de América Latina
  • Juana Suárez (Proimágenes Colombia / Fundación Patrimonio Fílmico Colombiano) Outtakes from Gloria Triana’s Yuruparí (FOCINE-Audiovisuales, 1983-86) documenting Colombia’s Afrodescendant and indigenous cultures
  • Paula Félix-Didier & Andrés Levinson (Museo del Cine, Buenos Aires) Cine Amateur Argentina
  • . . . . Caperucita Roja (Little Red Riding Hood, Jorge Mendez Delfino, 1933)
    . . . . Caperucita Roja Inesita (Inés Mendez Delfino, 1960)
    . . . . Perros en paracaidas [Dogs in Parachutes (in Antarctica!)] (Gustavo Giró, 1963)
  • Mona Jimenez (NYU MIAP APEX) moderator, with Pamela Vizner Oyarce

  • 4:45pm Eastern European Archives
  • Elvira Diamanti, Eriona Vyshka, & Andi Lubonja (Albanian Film Archive) with Thomas Logoreci The Albanian Cinema Project: Preserving and Restoring Albania's Cold War Era Cinema (1944-1991)
  • Elżbieta Wysocka (Filmoteka Narodowa) Restoring the Non-camera Movies and Techniques of Antonisz


    8:30pm American Independents
  • May Haduong (Academy Film Archive) introduces Autumn Spectrum (Hy Hirsh, 1957)
  • Jeff Lambert (NFPF) introduces the launch of the DVD set Treasures 6: Next Wave Avant-garde, and a 35mm screening of Chicago Loop (James Benning, 1976); restoration by Academy Film Archive and Austrian Film Museum
  • Frank Scheffer & Paul Cohen introduce their new work Zoetrope People (1980/2014)
  • Dennis Doros (Milestone Films) & Mary Huelsbeck (Wisconsin Center for Film and Theater Research) Project Shirley: A Joint Rediscovery of Shirley Clarke
  • Frank Roumen (EYE) emcee