24 January 2015


IMPORTANT NOTICE: An email was recently sent from the OGS to all international students reminding you to be full-time enrolled. This message was intended to be sent two weeks after the start of the semester, but mistakenly was sent out early. If you received it, please do not panic. If you are full-time enrolled for the Spring semester, then you can disregard the message. If, however, you are not yet full-time enrolled AND you are not approved to be part-time enrolled, then please follow the instructions in this email.

Welcome back to NYU! We are excited to have you back for the Spring semester.

Please remember to check nyu.edu/ogs for all updated office and walk-in advising hours.


Are you registered as a full-time student?

All F-1 and J-1 students are required to register full-time, which is a minimum of 12 credits per semester for most NYU programs, in order to maintain legal status in the United States. Make sure you register full-time or gain approval from the OGS to be registered part-time no later than Monday, February 9.

Have you provided us with your updated U.S. address?

All students must have an up-to-date U.S. residential address in their NYU records. For instructions on how to update your U.S. address visit this page. Please update immediately if you have not already done so.

Are you at NYU on a J-1 visa?

If you have not attended a J-1 orientation with us, sign up for one this week. Can't make it? Don't worry! We will be holding some in the future, so keep checking your emails!


Interested in working on- or off- campus?

Stop by our off-campus employment workshop on Sunday, February 1, to learn about OPT, CPT, and unpaid internships, or stop by our on-campus employment workshop on Thursday, February 5, to learn about on-campus positions and how to apply for a social security number.

Come to NYU with a spouse or partner?

We have various opportunities and programs for spouses/partners of NYU’s international students and scholars, including English lessons and weekly discussion groups! More information can be found here.

Are you doing research at NYU?

Join NYU Bobst Library for a series of graduate student workshops during Welcome Week to learn about organizing bibliographies, tracking down citations and more!


Want to meet other international students and score some free food?

Join Bridges International for a Welcome Back Hot Chocolate Bar on Thursday, January 29 and get your tix to the Brooklyn Nets game on Monday, February 2!

Looking for something fun to do now that you are back at NYU?

Make some new friends and enjoy tons of free events during NYU’s Spring at the Square from Monday, January 26 - Friday, February 6! More information here.