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Learning Workflow

Assignments are still Assignments

The Assignment tool defines each course assignment and manages the workflow of submitting, resubmitting, providing feedback and grading. Assignments are graded within the Assignments tool itself. Instructors can specify a broad range of options for the types of responses expected, when the assignments are released, when they are due and how late submissions are handled, and how assignments are recorded in the grade book.

The File Drop is back!

The File Drop is a private point of exchange between each student and the instructor(s) in a course site. Notifications are provided.

Grade Center becomes the Gradebook

The Gradebook lists items that are automatically linked from the Assignment and Tests & Quizzes tools. Grades can be categorized and weighted, defined by a course letter grade based on a 100% scale, or defined by either a point or percentage based system; grades and scores can also be either imported or exported to a Microsoft Excel le. Instructors have control over the release of item grade and course grades to students. Additional graded columns can be added to grade Forums or other administrative tasks.

Test Manager & Pool Manager are called Tests & Quizzes

Tests & Quizzes allows the instructor(s) to create several types of assessments and to dene new types of assessments based on more than 30 parameters that support high-stakes testing, ungraded assessments, timed tests, feedback, random draws from question pools and much more. Question types are also varied. Assessments can be released to entire course rosters, to sections or to groups. Tests and Quizzes can automatically grade some question types and makes grading subjective materials efficient for the instructor.

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