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Content Management

Content Areas in Blackboard corresponds to content sharing capabilities in Resources

Resources in NYU Classes is a tool that provides a content repository in your course or project site where students can easily find the files they need. By default, all materials put into the Resources tool are accessible only to those who are members of that course or project site. Resources displays in your web browser as a single folder to start with, but you can add folders and sub-folders to organize your content.

Syllabus is still Syllabus

Syllabus allows the instructor to create a single document as the syllabus, create a compound document that can be reordered easily, or redirect viewers to an object stored in Resources (or anywhere on the web) for the syllabus.

External Links are called Web Content

When you add the Web Content tool to your course or project site in NYU Classes, you will be prompted to enter a valid URL. This URL can refer to an object in Resources or any web URL. You should rename “web content” to something meaningful because this URL will become a menu item in the left-hand menu of your course or project site.


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