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Communication Channels

Announcements are still Announcements

Announcements can be timed to release on specifi­ed dates and include email noti­fications to reinforce the message. Announcements can also be released for groups within your site.

Calendar is still the Calendar

In some contexts, the calendar is also named “Schedule.” Several tools can post events automatically to the calendar, and events can be entered manually. Calendar can import personal and institutional calendars and site members can subscribe to calendars using their favorite personal calendar manager.

The Discussion Board is called Forums

The Forum tool can hold several Forums; Forums contain topics; topics contain threads with posts and replies. Instructors have detailed control over permissions for forums and topics, and the statistical reporting allows instructors to see and grade each student’s participation easily.

Email is now called Messages

Messages sent through the Messages tool are contained within the NYU Classes environment unless the sender explicitly chooses to copy the message to the recipients’ email addresses. Messages uses the rich text editor for message composition and can handle attachments. Messages can be ­led in folders within the tool and can send messages based on role (to all “students” for example).


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