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Administrative Tools

My Courses becomes Membership

Click on Membership to see all the course and project sites in which you have any involvement.

The Homepage tool is called the Profile

Pro­file allows you to enter data about yourself, to connect with other users in the NYU Classes community, and even integrate with Twitter.

Groups are also Groups

Groups can be easily created and disbanded (unlike sections which are more formal). Many NYU Classes tools, such as Announcements, Forums, and Assignments recognize groups. For example, site owners can send announcements, assignments and assessments to different groups.

Roster is still Roster

The Roster tool provides a list of participants in a site and includes photos of users that have included one on their personal pro­file for NYU Classes.

Course options and related tools are part of Settings

Through Settings, instructors and site owners can edit the tools in the site, change the site description, add participants and defi­ne groups, duplicate a site and import content from Blackboard export ­les or other NYU Classes sites.


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