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In Blackboard

Dr. Tester created four groups allowing each group to have a Group Discussion Board and Group Email.

In NYU Classes

Many of the tools available in NYU Classes are ‘group-centric’. Dr. Tester can tailor a group’s learning based on choices she makes when setting up or using different tools. For example, she can assign a group reading materials, give different assignments, tests or the same assignment with different due dates to each group, or allow one group to contribute to a forum while other groups can only view the forum. She can also send messages, post announcements, and add calendar items to selected groups.

You can use Groups with the following tools:

  • Announcements: Post announcements for a group.
  • Assignments: Post assignments for a group.
  • Forums: Assign forum and topic permissions for groups.
  • Messages: Send private messages to a group.
  • Resources: Allow specific access to files and folders for a group.
  • Schedule: Schedule events for specific groups only.
  • Gradebook: Can be filtered according to groups (This functionality is similar to the “Smart View” settings in Blackboard’s Grade Center)
  • Tests & Quizzes: Allow specific access to a test or survey for a group by using the “Assessments Released To” setting.
Groups in NYU Classes
NYU Classes understands ‘sections’ (as created by records from the registrar — and if added to the particular course site). For example, TAs associated with a particular section might see content available to all sections, but only see the Gradebook for students in their assigned ‘sections.’

Course Sections

Two Key Points

  • Groups and Sections function the same way but are created differently. Groups can be created manually by going to Site Info > Manage Groups.
  • Your site has to be populated with people before you can manually create groups and “release” tools to them.


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