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Grade Center vs. Gradebook

In Blackboard

Dr. Tester used Grade Center’s basic functions to manage student records of assignments, tests, and participation.

Grade center in Blackboard

In NYU Classes

Dr. Tester grades assignments from the Assignments tool, collects tests using the Tests and Quizzes tool, and calculates course participation through the Forums tool. Dr. Tester only needs to use the Gradebook to calculate and store graded information, and choose how or when to distribute it to her students online.

When Dr. Tester creates new assignments and tests, she needs to check “Add to the Gradebook”; otherwise, the associated entries are unavailable in the Gradebook. She also can add entries manually in the Gradebook, and then check “Associate with existing Gradebook Entry.”

Gradebook in NYU Classes

Grade Center settings from a previous Blackboard course will not migrate into the NYU Classes Gradebook, and instructors are encouraged to download grades as needed via Blackboard.

Gradebook in NYU Classes
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