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Moving from Blackboard to NYU Classes:

An Example Course

Compare and contrast the different functionalities in NYU Classes and NYU Blackboard. The links below will allow you to break apart a standard Blackboard course site and visualize how that same course would look in NYU Classes.

Dr. Tacy Tester teaches CS1000: College Teaching with Technology, a course for graduate students interested in teaching, technology, and communication. In previous semesters, she used NYU Blackboard to store class materials, assignments, and graded student work. Now she is beginning her initial move to NYU Classes. Since Dr. Tester’s course incorporates many of the tools available in Blackboard, it may be helpful to explore how to re-organize materials effectively in NYU Classes.


Moving from Blackboard to NYU Classes

Blackboard content from summer 2011 through fall 2012 has been automatically moved into NYU Classes. Content from fall 2012 will be moved in early January. Content from Blackboard course sites older than summer 2011 is available upon request though

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