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Discussion Board vs. Forum

Except for some additional and/or different settings options, the Discussion Board in Blackboard and Forums in NYU Classes are very similar. Within NYU Classes, students’ contributions to discussions can be assigned a point value and sent to the Gradebook.

Discussion board

Note: Instructors who want to hold onto student responses in particular courses should download archives of those discussions from Blackboard.  They can then download software known as “bFree: Blackboard Content Extractor,” which can extract Forums and posts found in the Discussion Board. bFree is also useful to extract other forms of content found in Blackboard.

Tip: Students cannot use the Forums tool if you set up Forums without adding any topics. By default students can only post threads in Topics.

Course Sections

Content written in Blackboard Discussion Boards does not move into NYU Classes.

  • NYU Classes has its own discussion board — but instructors will need to add new Forums.


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