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Content Areas vs. Resources

In Blackboard

In Dr. Tester’s Blackboard course, teaching materials were placed in Course Documents, organized by weekly topic folders. Each week’s folder contained materials and content, such as PDFs and Word documents, external links, discussion boards, assignments, and tests.

course documents in Blackboard Dr. Tester’s “Week 1 Readings” folder contained multiple content such as external links, PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, and assignments:

Readings folder in blackboard

In NYU Classes

When this course is transitioned into NYU Classes, files and nested Folders in Blackboard’s Courses Documents appear in NYU Classes’ Resources

Creating Syllabus Item in NYU Classes

Not everything that moves into the Resources section from Blackboard needs to stay in Resources. NYU Classes provides many other tools to achieve similar teaching objectives.

For example, Dr. Tester may remove the syllabus from the folder in Course Information in Blackboard and instead use NYU Classes’ Syllabus tool for linking to readings, teaching materials, assignments, and tests (See #3 below for more details).

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