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Moving to NYU Classes

NYU Classes Enhancements Roadmap

NYU Classes Upgrade Date
More modern interface
Winter Recess, 2014
Drag-and-drop Resources files
Winter Recess, 2014
Improved Rich-Text Editor
Winter Recess, 2014
Improved recipient selection in messages
Winter Recess, 2014
Joinable groups
Winter Recess, 2014
Contextual help
Winter Recess, 2014
Integrations with external applications Target Date

Limited pilots will be conducted for the following third-party tools:

  • VoiceThread
  • ForClass
  • EBSCO Curriculum Builder
  • Learning Portfolio Solution
  • SCORM Cloud
  • WebEx
Fall 2015
  • NYU Stream
  • WebAssign
Spring 2016
Integration with Google Drive Target Date
  • Ability to create a Google Group based on membership of NYU Classes course site and keep in sync.
  • Ability to share Google Drive resources with members of a Classes course site, with automatic syncing of permissions.
Fall 2015 - Pilot
Spring 2016 - Broad roll-out
Gradebook Improvements Target Date
  • Spreadsheet entry capabilities
  • Consolidated and simplified import/export functionality
  • Improved accessibility/UX
Summer 2015 - User Testing
Fall 2015 - Pilot
Summer 2016 - Broad rollout

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