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Why can't parents view the students account balance and activity online?

According to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act we are unable to share this information. The law is designed to protect the privacy of the students. The student may however, share the password to their online account, so that a parent can sign on as the student. To view the guidelines of the law click here.

Can this account be used to purchase alcohol or tobacco products?

No, all merchants sign a contact prohibiting the purchase of alcohol or tobacco products. Merchants are monitored regularly to ensure compliance with terms stated in their contract.

How can my son or daughter withdraw cash from this account?

Withdrawals are not permitted from Campus Cash accounts. Funds are only issued upon graduation or official withdrawal from the university.

What happens to funds at the end of each semester?

The funds deposited into a Campus Cash account remain active throughout the studentís matriculation at NYU.

Why not just use a Credit or Debit Card?

Campus Cash is faster, safer, and more convenient than Credit or Debit Cards. Since it can be used for both small and large purchases - anything from meals in the Dining Halls to washing clothes; Campus Cash is designed for the realities of campus life. Since Campus Cash is pre-paid you do not have to worry about running up large bills and it helps the cardholder budget for campus life.