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What should I do if I lost my NYUCard or if it is stolen?

If you have lost your NYU ID card report it immediately to NYUCard Center at 7 east 12th Street or call (212) 443-CARD, the card will be inactivated. This will prevent anyone from using your card. When The NYUCard Center is closed, you may report the lost of your ID Card to Protection Services at 14 Washington Place.

I need a new NYUCard. What do I need to bring?

Photo identification is required (i.e. Driver's License, State ID or Passport). For other forms of acceptable identification, please contact the Card Center at (212) 443-CARD.

Employees and Affiliates
Must present a New York University — ID Card Authorization Form completed by the appropriate individual from their home department in order to receive a replacement ID card.

What is the cost of a replacement ID card?

There will be a cost of $15.00 for a replacement NYU ID card, payable by cash or campus cash only.

My card worked last semester, but is no longer working this semester.

If you are not registered for the current academic term, then your ID card privileges are revoked for the semester.

What happens if my card doesn't work after an hour?

Call the NYUCard Services office during business hours at 212-443-2273, press option 1 and a representative will address your issue.