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How can I participate in the Campus Cash Program?

Complete the Merchant Application and submit it via email or fax to our office. Someone from our office will contact you to schedule a meeting at your facility.

How do I reconcile at the end of each business day?

The verifone readers have a report that is used for reconciliation built into the programming. The report is different than the report for MasterCard and Visa. It will only give a total of all transactions since the last time the reader was reconciled. This report will not print automatically. You will be trained on all aspects of the reader upon installation.

How will I get reimbursed for Campus Cash?

The accounting period for Campus Cash is Monday – Sunday, merchants payments are processed every Monday for the preceding week. Checks are issued by Thursday of each week.

How many students, faculty, and staff use Campus Cash?

Every student, faculty and staff is eligible to participate in the Campus Cash program. Usage amongst students usually runs about 80% of the total enrollment (total enrollment is approximately 35,000).

Is there a sample contract for review?

Yes, it is located under Merchant Agreement Sample.

Is it ok to charge a fee for accepting Campus Cash to help offset the commission charged by NYUCard Services?

No. Part of the agreement for accepting Campus Cash is to not charge a fee above the cost of the merchandise for people paying with Campus Cash.

What if I already have a verifone?

The only verifone models designed to work with the Campus Cash program are the verifone Tranz 330 or Tranz 380X2.

What do I need to participate in the program?

In order to participate in the program the merchant will need to complete the following steps:
  • Be approved to participate in the program
  • Purchase a verifone Tranz 330 or Tranz 380X2
  • Provide a phone line for the terminal
  • Agreement to the terms outlined in the Contract and completed signed Contract
  • Display Campus Cash Signage

What is Campus Cash and how will it benefit my business?

Campus Cash is New York University's debit card program that began as a discretionary spending program for the convenience of students, faculty, and staff. Under the program, anyone with a University ID is able to open a Campus Cash account to purchase goods and services at participating locations. Funds are deposited into accounts through scholarships and loans and by personal deposits made over the web or at various deposit stations located on campus.

The Campus Cash program has many benefits. The most obvious is increased sales. Most businesses have seen an increase in sales of at least 10%, but some have reported a 60% increase in sales! NYU’s Campus Cash program also has a number of promotional events and programs targeting students, faculty, and staff that are provided to vendors for no additional charge.

What is the charge to me for accepting Campus Cash?

NYUCard Services charges all merchants a commission fee per transaction.

What other merchants are currently accepting Campus Cash?

For a complete listing of Campus Cash merchants, go to Merchant Locations.

Do I need to get an additional phone line to accept Campus Cash?

Not necessarily. The verifone has an "extra" built in jack, so it can "piggy back" on an existing voice, modem, or fax line. Using this connection type will tie up that line during, the transaction process; thus, you will need to weigh your own options and requirements for your business.

What marketing does the Campus Cash program provide my business?

All merchants accepting Campus Cash are listed on our web site with their address, telephone number and web site if applicable. We also run weekly promotions in the NYU student newspaper electronic news and on NYU TV. Merchants are encouraged to sign up for our on-line coupon advertisement. Each semester we sponsor Campus vendor fairs, where merchants are invited to participate to promote their business.