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How do I open a Campus Cash Account?

All students enrolled in a degree-granting program are eligible for Campus Cash accounts. Simply complete Campus Cash contracts located in the forms (sections) of our web site and submit it to us; you can mail it or drop it off at NYUCard Services located at 383 Lafayette St. Please note that there is a first time minimum deposit of $50.00. Campus Cash contracts are available at the NYU Bursar's office, NYUCard Center and NYUCard Services office.

How do I add money to my Campus Cash account?

For your convenience there are three options available to add money to your account via the Campus Cash on-line web site, or at any Value Transfer Station.

Funds may be added to your Campus Cash account anytime by visiting Campus Cash on-line using a valid credit or debit card. These funds are added immediately to your account. Value Transfer Station (VTS) deposits are available immediately. Cash deposits can be made at any of our Value Transfer Stations around the university . Click here for listing of VTS locations.

How can I check the balance of my Campus Cash Account?

Every time you use your NYUCard at participating merchants, you are provided with a receipt. The receipt will indicate your current Campus Cash balance. You can also obtain your Campus Cash balance by swiping your NYU ID Card at any Value Transfer Station (VTS) or when you sign in to your on-line Campus Cash Account.

How do I withdraw money from my Campus Cash Account?

Withdrawals are not permitted from Campus Cash accounts. Refunds from Campus Cash Accounts are only issued upon graduation or official withdrawal from the university.

How do I close my Campus Cash Account?

Funds in your Campus Cash account automatically roll over from one semester to the next. A Campus Cash account may only be closed upon graduation or having officially withdrawn from the university. Students must submit a request form for a refund to NYUCard Services. Refunds are processed as stated in the Terms and Conditions.

What happens to the money in my account at the end of each year?

Your Campus Cash account remains active throughout your matriculation at NYU.

What should I do if a merchant overcharges my account?

If a merchant runs a transaction multiple times or enters the incorrect amount, present a copy of your statement to the manager at that vendor location to request a refund.

A copy of your recent transactions may be printed from your on-line account, or you may obtain a printout of your statement from NYUCard Services at 383 Lafayette St.

Where can I use Campus Cash?

Visit Merchant Locations for more information on where you can use your Campus Cash.

What is the difference between my declining dollars and Campus Cash Account?

Declining Dollars is associated with meal plans and can only be used in campus dining facilities. They are good for as long as the meal plan the student has is in effect.

Campus Cash accounts can be used in campus dining facilities, at select local merchants in the vicinity of the campus and residence halls, and for laundry, vending, copying/printing, and have no expiration.