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New York University

Sustainability Task Force

The NYU Sustainability Task Force harnesses the collective power of the University’s decentralized constituencies and schools and colleges through its grassroots, volunteer-driven participation. It is composed of over 70 students, faculty, administrators, staff, and alumni. Task Forces members are organized into several issue-specific working groups: Planning and Green Building; Energy and Water; Transportation and Recycling; Food Purchasing; Academic Initiatives; Data, Communication and Technology; Outreach and Engagement; and the Green Grants.

The task force has released two annual reports; compiled two Environmental Assessment studies, which included detailed data and analysis that served to baseline campus environmental impacts and benchmark progress toward sustainability goals; and the Climate Action Plan. It has established the Sustainability Advocates program and oversees the Green Grants program.

Green Grants

A signature initiative of the Sustainability Task Force is the Green Grants Program, which engages the NYU community in a way that is different from the standard top-down centralized model. Each year, the Sustainability Task Force solicits ideas for innovative student-, faculty-, and staff-led greening projects that improve operational environmental performance, foster eco-literacy and community engagement, advance applied research goals, and demonstrate the viability of best practices and technologies. Some $325,000 has been awarded to more than 50 projects over the last three yearly funding cycles.