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New York University

Introduction: NYU in NYC

Securing New York City as one of the preeminent intellectual and cultural capitals of the world will be key to the city’s future. By the middle of this new century, a small set of worldwide “idea capitals” will likely have emerged. These cities will be the world’s leading centers for intellectual, cultural, educational, and scientific activity.

They will be the great engines for creativity, entrepreneurship, and economic activity, the capitals of a comprehensive and global knowledge-based enterprise. They will be marked by the presence of great universities.

New York City is poised for that future. From its earliest days as a gateway economy, it has continually adapted and evolved. When agrarian economies gave way to manufacturing, the city led the way. When industry diminished, the city turned to more modern forms of commerce. As jobs in finance declined—down 9 percent from 1990 to 2005—other economic sectors flourished. During the same period, employment in the so-called creative economy—the intellectual, cultural, and educational sectors—rose 17 percent.

New York City is reinventing itself once again. If it is to move beyond financial crises and remain a capital of the world into the next century, the city must lead the way in this transition.

How does New York University fit into the picture? NYU is more than a major employer and public citizen in New York City. Along with other key educational institutions, the University is a crucial player in the city’s evolution, a driving force in the generation of a knowledge-based economy. It is a principal incubator that attracts and retains the creative capital that supports all of the city’s important economic sectors. It produces the ideas and attracts the people who both perform and consume in a knowledge-based economy. It offers the activities that characterize the new international idea capital.

What Is NYU to New York City?

  • It is a provider of innovation and education to vital sectors including law, financial services, real estate, immigration, travel and tourism, urban planning, land use, and more.
  • It is a place of development for artistic, cultural, and educational resources.
  • It is a hub for health research, discovery, and care.
  • It is a center for originality and invention across the intellectual spectrum.
  • — It is the anchor of a global network for the creation of knowledge and the catalyst for the movement of talent worldwide.