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New York University

Dear Friends and Fellow New Yorkers,

President John Sexton For centuries, universities have been our principal engines for creating knowledge and for presenting ideas that shape and enliven human understanding, propel our prosperity, and spark our creativity. NYU believes its promise and that of New York City’s are intertwined, that their headway will be joint and interdependent.

As NYU looks forward to its 200th anniversary in 2031, the University is at a pivotal moment in its history. It is committed to sustaining the momentum that has so changed and improved it. To that end, NYU crafted an overall strategic roadmap called Framework 2031 that takes stock of the University’s progress, points to areas for future investments, and lays out a vision of NYU as a global network university with a new four-year liberal arts and science campus in Abu Dhabi, other international sites for research and education, and its anchor campus at Washington Square.

Indispensable to realizing the overall vision of Framework 2031—and advancing as a preeminent academic institution—is having sufficient physical space to build laboratories and research space for faculty, conduct classes for students, and house all the artists, scholars, and students who will answer the call to come to New York City and make contributions to it. Having been extremely economical with space—NYU has approximately half the square footage per student of Columbia, one-quarter of Harvard’s—the university has reached a tipping point. Space is required to create a vibrant intellectual community in all senses of the phrase, with teachers and learners in proximity to each other, ready and willing to engage with other thinkers and doers throughout the city.

Though it is imperative for NYU to move forward, it is also vital to do so in a way that recognizes the University is part of a special, storied neighborhood to which we owe an obligation of care. In the past, NYU has not always recognized that obligation; but today, we know that our responsibilities extend to overseeing and maintaining NYU’s existing property, to encompassing an innovative and sustainable approach toward creating additional space in the Washington Square area, and to taking advantage of locations outside of Greenwich Village to accommodate a significant portion of our growth.
NYU 2031 aims to honor that obligation.

I hope you enjoy reading our plan and thinking about our ideas, and I look forward to our continuing dialogue about them.

Sincerely John Sexton John Sexton
President, New York University