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New York University

NYU 2031: In summary

NYU 2031 is an opportunity to devise what the University's community and neighbors deserve: a progressive approach to urban design worthy of both the city’s past and its promise.


NYU will meet the needs of its faculty and student population, and its research and academic programs.

NYU 2031 is not a “master plan,” for the University does not have a large, contiguous campus over which it can exert control. Instead, it is a citywide strategy for how to provide the physical space needed for NYU’s long-range academic goals.

The University outlines a strategy for locating as much as six million square feet over a 25-year period—two-thirds for academic space and student services, and one-third for affordable housing for faculty as well as housing for undergraduate, graduate, and professional students.

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NYU will be sensitive to the potential for placing undue stress on its cultural and physical environments.

The University will take a leadership role in promoting sustainability and public service, vowing to proceed with openness, transparency, dialogue, and reflection. NYU commits itself to development that respects the context and character of each location and strives for architecture and design of high quality.

tTo honor its core values of intellectual freedom, openness, and social progress, the University is making a commitment that its physical presence should mirror its institutional values, that its presence in its neighborhood should be as forward thinking as its academic mission.

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NYU will consider the community, the neighborhoods, and the city that it depends on.

Having long made its home in the heart of Greenwich Village, the University recognizes the strengths and limitations—as well as the uniqueness—its environment brings to planning. NYU’s strategy, then, begins with a new approach to process—one steeped in analysis and rigor and fully engaged with the University’s community and neighbors.

Through its first attempt at transparent, predictable, and measured growth undertaken in dialogue with its community, NYU sets forth a strategy that began several years ago in discussions with students, faculty, administrators, and neighbors; that continued through a series of public open houses; that honors many voices and diverse opinions; and that respects its place in a special environment—home to activism, intellectualism, and some of urban planning’s greatest debates.

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