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New York University


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It’s very hard to differentiate where New York University stops and New York City starts. That is one of the real keys to NYU— the city goes right through it. NYU benefits from the city, and the city benefits from NYU.
          And if you took NYU—the same faculty, the same students—and put them someplace else, this city would be immeasurably poorer, but so would NYU. One of the reasons people pick NYU is because if you are a student there, you are a citizen here.”

— Mayor Michael Bloomberg

(From the documentary New York University:
In and of the City
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A Letter from the President

In 2031, New York University will mark its 200th anniversary. To provide the academic infrastructure necessary for the University to fulfill its mission in that milestone year, and to coincide with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s bold planning efforts for the city, the University has—for the first time in its history—developed a long-term strategy, NYU 2031,to guide its future growth. What will NYU look like in another generation?

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Introduction: NYU in NYC

New York University would not exist without New York City. The University’s story is intertwined with the city’s story from the beginning. Its identity and community are inextricably bound to its home in Greenwich Village. Its successes mirror the city’s successes; its struggles, the city’s struggles. To determine what NYU will be in 2031 is first to embrace what New York City must be.

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NYU 2031: In Summary

NYU 2031 aims to reflect the University’s values in its physical presence. The plan addresses the university's call for more space, outlining a process that values its history, neighborhood, and community. How does it ensure progress and help keep its city livable and its neighborhoods strong?

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