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New York University

Why NYU Must Grow

NYU is clear about what kind of institution it wants to be: a strong research university with global reach, known for innovation in science, arts, and its professional schools, fostering a close-knit intellectual environment for students, faculty, and community members alike.

Maintaining the vitality of its presence in New York City-centered at Washington Square is the University's most important goal. It is the key to sustaining a global vision, for NYU knows that its international network is only as strong as the home that supports it.

The function of a research university is simple yet profound: improve humanity through the creation and dissemination of knowledge. From the arts to medicine, journalism to economics, and biology to law, great universities have always been in the service of human advancement. They fulfill this duty by educating the next generation of leaders who will continue humanity's progress. And they do this by creating centers where today's researchers can seek the radical breakthroughs that cure diseases, protect the environment, and advance technology; and where today's emerging leaders can do the important work of supporting justice, human rights, social welfare, religious and political freedom, as well as further historical, cultural, and philosophical understanding and artistic expression.

Over the next 20 years, New York University will continue to fulfill its duty as a premier institution of higher learning and support the cause of human advancement as the University invigorates the economic, cultural, and intellectual life of its city. It has made huge gains in recent decades and has set forth bold goals for the future: it strives to be a global research institution supporting an international network for the exchange of ideas while anchored by a strong and substantial center in New York City.

What shape this vision will assume in the immediate future is clear. The University has already begun to make investments in key academic areas as it builds and fosters an international network. It is more difficult, however, to predict what shape this vision will take beyond the next decade. But one thing is certain: NYU needs to secure the space it requires in order to stay relevant and rigorous and to allow academic excellence to flourish.