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New York University


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When people—especially talented and creative ones—come together, ideas flow more freely, and as a result individual and aggregate talents increase exponentially: the end result amounts to much more than the sum of the parts. This clustering makes each of us more productive, which in turn makes the place we inhabit even more so — and our collective creativity and economic wealth grow accordingly.”

— Richard Florida

(From Who’s Your City: How the Creative Economy Is Making Where You Live the Most Important Decision of Your Life)
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Why NYU Must Grow

Before the University could develop a plan for its physical expansion, it had first to determine its academic goals and priorities going forward. What does New York University seek to be in 2031?

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The Case for Space

Based on its vision to create a strong center in New York City that anchors a global academic network, and to do so by enhancing science, maintaining excellence in the arts and the professional schools, and building a stronger sense of community, New York University has established that it will need—at most—an additional six million square feet by 2031.

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How NYU Will Grow

In planning for its future, NYU hopes to maintain the entrepreneurial spirit and momentum of the last few decades. At the same time, it recognizes a need for a more disciplined and reflective approach to academic and financial planning, as well as to how it uses existing and new space.

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