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NYU 2031 was a long-term strategic framework for growth, developed over years of planning with input our internal and external communities. In July 2012, the New York City Council approved the Core Plan described by NYU 2031, granting the University a new zoning envelope to construct needed facilities over the coming years.

Looking to the Future

Core Plan Commitments

NYU is answering a number of local needs identified by Council Member Margaret Chin and Community Board 2 as we develop our infrastructure at Washington Square.

Explore the latest news and announcements, and access detailed information and documents, at our Core Plan Commitments page.

Announcements Archive

During the ULURP, this page recorded announcements and news items pertaining to 2031. That archive is available online. For updates about the current status of the project, explore the Core Plan Commitments page.

Planning Principles

  • The Community Task Force on NYU Development created a set of principles that NYU has agreed will guide its future development.

    Establish criteria for development within the existing NYU footprint in the University’s core location, and the surrounding neighborhoods that would prioritize.

    Identifying opportunities to decentralize facilities and actively pursuing these opportunities;

    Contextual development that is sensitive to building heights, densities, and materials;

    Reuse before new development.

    Considering mixed-use facilities that complement Manhattan’s mixed neighborhoods, particularly in regard to ground-floor uses.

  • Identify solutions to maximize utilization of existing assets by consulting with the community on:

    The types of facilities that can be decentralized from the Village core and surrounding neighborhoods and cultivating locations outside these areas;

    Preferences for appropriate places for vertical additions;

    Encouraging programmatic and scheduling efficiencies; and

    Opening new and reenvisioning existing recreational spaces to better serve both the student population as well as the community at large.

  • Make thoughtful urban and architectural design a priority by:

    Respecting the limitations of the urban environment, including the impact on New York City’s infrastructure;

    Improving the quality of open spaces; and

    Actively soliciting, utilizing, and implementing input from the community in the design process.

  • Support community sustainability by:

    Preserving existing diverse social and economic character through the support of community efforts to sustain affordable housing and local retail;

    Exploring the utilization of ground floors of buildings for community-oriented uses such as local retail, gallery spaces for local artists, nonprofit users and other providers of community services; and

    Generating a tenant relocation policy for legal, residential tenants, in the event that construction or conversion necessitates the relocation of tenants.

  • Respect for the community’s existing qualities of life including, but not limited to:

    Taking measures to mitigate effects of construction such as noise, dust, work hours; sound mitigation for mechanical equipment; and construction staging;

    Reaching out early and often for community consultation related to major construction;

    Creating a Web site for ongoing constructions; and

    Committing to a community-oriented public process for reviewing NYU’s proposed projects and developments.

NYU 2031 Core Plan Commitments

View a table of University commitments determined during the ULURP process surrounding construction on the Superblocks.

» NYU 2031 Core Plan Commitments

NYU 2031 Overview Video

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