For NYU, the turn of the 21st century provided an opportunity to look back on an enviable journey—an improbable transition from a commuter school to a renowned national research university attracting students and faculty from across the country. It would have been easy to rest there, but we’re not known to stand still. The decade and a half since 2000 has brought a whirlwind of pursuit, achievement, and global emergence.

Movement is indeed part of the university’s DNA—as is a healthy dose of grit. The combination inspired scholar David Kirp to declare: “NYU is the success story in contemporary American higher education.” And what does success look like? A few examples: Eight straight years of record-setting applications (60,322 for the Class of 2019, the most of any private university), research expenditures—a measure of our faculty output—that grew from $322 million to $467 million over the last five years, and the rise to #27 on the 2014 Academic Ranking of World Universities, up from #32 in 2008 and #55 in 2003.

But there’s so much more to the story. Come along and dig a little deeper to see how NYU has become a pioneer in pursuing knowledge, fostering art of every kind, and solving the great research problems of our times.

Who We Are:


How We Got Here

11K Student Life Revisited

Student Life Revisited

11,000 students now reside in 23 residence halls.

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#27 Advanced Academics

Advanced Academics

The Academic Ranking of World Universities places NYU at #27—up from #55 in 2003.

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8 First-Class Faculty

First-Class Faculty

Since 2000, members of NYU’s faculty have held 5 Nobel and 3 Abel Prizes.

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Where We’re Going

$467M Innovation Hub

Innovation Hub

Research expenditures grew from $322 million to $467 million between 2009 and 2014.

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#1 The Global Classroom

The Global Network

NYU ranks #1 in the number of students who study away each year.

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#1 Health and Healing

Health and Healing

NYU Langone is ranked #1 nationally for overall patient safety and quality among leading academic medical centers.

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How We’ll Get There

$1B Home Improvement

Home Improvements

Nearly $1 billion has been invested in academic improvements since 2004.

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500 Bold New Steps

Bold New Steps

CUSP will grow to 500 students and 50 full-time faculty/researchers.

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10 Firm Finances

Firm Finances

The University has produced operating surpluses in 10 of the last 12 years.

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