Outgoing Mail

Personal Mail

The University mail system is for business related mail and/or packages only. Outgoing personal mail without a postage stamp already applied will not be picked up.

Incoming packages clearly of a personal nature (i.e. LL Bean, Crew, Victoria Secret, QVC, HSN etc.) will not be delivered. A call will be placed to the addressee for pick up of the package from Logistics and Distribution Services between 9:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M.

As a non-profit organization University Policy mandates that all outgoing mail must have a recognized university return address only. For non-profit mailings in conjunction with other non-profit organizations using their return address on the piece requires a letter from the department chair person, Dean and or V.P. of unit. Mail with a personal return address cannot be sent out charged to a university account. For authorization to send mail of this nature, a letter from the Dean and/or V.P. of the unit must accompany the mail at the time of mailing.

Charge-Back System

All outgoing mail is charged back to the originating department. Carriers will not pick-up outgoing mail without a properly completed Postal Charge-Back slip. Postal Charge back slips are free and can be downloaded as a PDF from the Home page on this website under FORMS or under "Postal Charge-back slip" on the right. NOTE: Everytime the PDF is open it will generate a new "Inquiry #" and also will print 3 copies...one for your records and the other two for us to process the mail.


Prior to pick-up, departments should sort and prepare all outgoing mail as follows:

  • Separate interoffice mail, domestic mail, international mail, and overnight mail.
  • Separate mail and parcels by size and special services such as Certified, Registered and Insured.
  • Bundle mailings of ten or more with a rubber band.
  • For mailings of 200 pieces or more, contact Logistics and Distribution Services for pick-up. Please call 212.998 1010 (x8.1010) between 9 AM and 4 PM.


Outgoing mail should be:

  • Enclosed in white, #10 standard (9 ½” x 4 1/8”) envelopes whenever possible. All envelopes no matter what size must have an NYU return address.
  • Sealed or “flapped” (aligned with flaps open) to facilitate postal metering.

Note: Envelopes 5” x 8” inches and larger must be sealed by the departments.

Addressing Envelopes

All outgoing mail should be addressed in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • Use University printed envelopes and labels whenever possible.
  • The Senders complete return address should be used on all mail leaving the University, with New York University written on the first line and include your zip+ 4.
  • The upper right corner of the envelope or parcel must be clear of any information per postal regulations to allow space for stamp metering.
  • The address label for envelopes 6 inches by 9 inches or larger (called flats) should be positioned with the opening flap on the left.
  • Note: Envelopes that are improperly prepared may be damaged by US Postal metering equipment.
  • Center the destination address at least 3 ½” from the left border of the envelope. On large envelopes, start at least 3 inches from the bottom and 4 ¼” from the right border.
  • Place ZIP+4 on the last line of the address with City and State.


  • Do not write anything below the last line of the address because the U.S. Postal Service Barcode reserves this area. Failure to observe this regulation will cause delays in U.S Postal processing and delivery.
  • Type the address whenever possible.
  • Note: The U.S Postal Service will return illegibly addressed mail as undeliverable. Mail can also be delayed when it can not be read by their scanner technology.
  • Envelopes and self-mailers bearing indicia for standard non-profit mailings cannot be used for First Class mailings and vice versa.
  • Check for accuracy of addresses and update mailing lists regularly (See special mailing services) to avoid the unnecessary charges of mail returned due to incorrect addresses.
  • Note: For addresses, with which you are uncertain or cannot verify prior to mailing, please see Ancillary Service Endorsement under Special Mailing Services.

For assistance with bulk mailing, contact Logistics and Distribution Services at 212.998.1010 (x8.1010)