International Mail

Due to heightened security, the Postal Service requires specific handling and all required forms for acceptance for International Mail and Military Mail must be applied. These forms are available from Logistics and Distribution Services. Additionally, political situations, weather and other circumstances will also affect international delivery.

Logistics and Distribution Services uses only the U.S. Postal Service for its International Mail. For information on required documentation to ship abroad please click here. For additional information on weight limitations and rates; please call Logistics and Distribution Services at 81010 for information.

Special Services Available with International Mail

Registered Mail: Registered service provides secure handling of mail. This service is available for letter class mail, small packets and all printed matter. Registered service is not available for Parcel Post.

There are requirements for sealing registered letters, letter packages and all parcel post packages. These items must be securely sealed so that any tampering can be detected (the Postal Services prefer paper or nylon filament tape). Padded envelopes are accepted for international registered mail if they provide adequate protection and proper sealing.

Printed matter is subject to inspection and must be prepared so that the contents are protected and inspection is not hindered. Printed matter may be sealed if postage is paid by postage meter. Small packets may be sealed (registered or not).

Return Receipt for International Mail: Return receipt service provides the mailer evidence of the delivery of registered or insured mail. The color of the International Return Receipt is pink (not to be confused with Domestic Return Receipt which is Green).

Insurance: Insurance for International Mail is only available for Parcel Post. Maximum for International Mail is up to $600 depending upon country of destination. While insurance is available to most countries there are some countries for which insurance is not available. Contact Logistics and Distribution Services for those countries.