Stamp Requests

Stamps may be purchased by submitting the on-line Stamp Requisition form.

Please include:

  • Number of stamps ordered (limited to 400 or less)
  • Stamp denomination required
  • Name of person placing order
  • Complete with a valid Chart field number (No order will be filled without it).

Stamps will be delivered to your office within 48 hours via interoffice registered receipt. For more than 400 stamps:

  1. Prepare a properly authorized Business Payment Form and submit it to Logistics and Distribution Services.
  2. The stamps will be delivered to you via interoffice registered mail.


  • "Hold for Pick-Up" and add mail services phone extension (81010)
  • Your account number (Chartfield)
  • Make check payable to Postmaster, New York
  • Quantity and denomination of stamps